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Kobid d.o.o.

Kobid d.o.o. is a company whose core business is sales and manufacture of self-serve car wash systems, dog wash stations, and high quality mobile video surveillance systems.

Thanks to years of experience and cooperation with our clients, our team of engineers and technicians developed a self-serve car wash system, a self-serve dog wash system, and a mobile video surveillance system, implementing state-of-art technical and technological solutions, and modern design. 

All the equipment we deliver comes with a 3-year warranty.

For self-service car wash we also offer an arrangement with the preparation of the required project documentation, complete construction works, installations, building car wash as “key-in-hand” system.

Kobid d.o.o. is certified as ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

New posts:

    Self-service car wash systems

    Self-service cars wash systems we offer come in a range of dimensions, construction types, varied number of stations and design, so we are able to offer custom made solutions adapted to meet your requirements.

    Self-service car wash systems are an excellent solution providing for a good-quality, safe, fast and affordable car wash service.

    Free gifts provided with every purchase of self-serve car wash system.

    Self-service dog wash stations

    Self-service dog wash station is an excellent solution for all dog owners who wish to give their dog a good-quality wash, and a safe bathing experience without unnecessary stress.

    Self-service dog wash stations are developed for both indoor and outdoor use. If necessary, the system can be delivered to your designated address in a convenient container.

    Mobile video surveillance system – Kobid

    Mobilni videonadzor Kobid d.o.o.

    Telescopic video surveillance system is a perfect solution for monitoring locations where fixed infrastructure for power transfer, or video transmission is not available.

    The system’s power supply can come from the electrical power grid, solar panels or emergency power supply unit.

    The video surveillance trailer is equipped with 4 LED reflectors and 4 IP PTZ high-resolution cameras specially designed for safe and effective delivery of live video recordings made using 4G networks.

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