Mobile Video Surveillance system

Mobile Video Surveillance System Kobid d.o.o.

Telescopic mobile video surveillance system is a perfect solution for monitoring locations without fixed infrastructure for power transfer or video transmission. Our surveillance system is an excellent substitute for security guards and fixed security cameras.

The system’s power supply can come from the electrical power grid, solar panels or emergency power supply unit.

The trailer onto which the mobile video surveillance system is mounted can easily be installed at almost any location, providing temporary, or permanent safety conditions in remote areas, at short-term events, or at locations outside the grid.

The purpose of mobile
video surveillance system

Telescopic mobile video surveillance system is implemented in order to:

  • monitor construction sites, quarries and factory facilities
  • monitor oil and gas drilling sites
  • monitor social venues and events
  • monitor waste disposal sites
  • monitor fish ponds and agricultural lands
  • monitor high-risk areas
  • serve police force, military and fire department purposes

Telescopic video surveillance trailers serve as a convenient and effective solution designed specifically to protect your property and assets.

Video surveillance technical

The trailer is equipped with 4 LED reflectors and 4 IP PTZ high-resolution cameras specially designed for safe and effective delivery of live video recordings made using 4G networks.

Mobilni video nadzor Kobid kamere

Each trailer is equipped with internet connection and network recorder. Real-time monitoring, as well as access to recorded material is possible through wireless networks, including 4G LTE, 3G and wi-fi connection, which enables remote monitoring and downloading video recordings by mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops or desk computers).

Mobile video surveillance KOBID d.o.o.

The video surveillance trailer with a 6m telescopic mast can be installed within minutes, and can easily be moved to a different location.

Video recording of our telescopic mobile video surveillance unit:

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