Self-serve car wash systems

Our self-serve car wash systems are custom made to meet the needs of our individual customers in terms of their size, design, number of stations and construction frame.

All the products we deliver come with a 3-year warranty which includes repair and customer support service.

The free gifts that come with every purchase of our self-serve car wash system:

  1. Video surveillance of the car wash station with internet security camera,
  2. Coin box guard alarm system, vacuum cleaner and container equipped with alarm, and mobile phone alert,
  3. Project documentation (concept design and projects) in case of entering a contract agreement (valid only for Croatia).

It is also possible to arrange drafting of project documentation, including complete construction work, built-in components, and car wash station installation on a „turnkey“ basis.

Standard car wash equipment

Standard equipment package includes:

  1. Technical room to store all the necessary equipment (pumps, electric motors, containers…)
  2. Stainless steel nozzels with holder and swivel arm
  3. Hot-galvanized steel construction
  4. Coin machine
  5. LED lightning with motion control sensors installed in each station
  6. Anti-freeze system
  7. Change dispenser
  8. Custom made stickers

Self-serve car wash system installation

Choose the car wash station construction frame and design:

The entire construction frame is built at our factory facility.
The frame is hot-galvanized for long-term anti-corrosion protection.
Each station is equipped with LED lighting with motion sensors.

Car wash accessories

Car wash accessories include:

  1. Single-station vacuum cleaner
  2. Vacuum cleaner awning
  3. Black tyre paint and car air freshener
  4. Stainless steel hand wash sink
  5. Trash can
  6. Rug holders in each station and next to the vacuum cleaner
  7. Vehicle telemetry
  8. Payment by magnetic keys equipped with card reader and charger
  9. Credit card payment
  10. Stainless steel construction frame subject to additional charge

Car wash system employs four different washing cycles which, in combination with certified equipment and agents, deliver excellent results.

Self-serve car wash station programs

Basic washing cycle:

  1. Washing – detergent (liquid powder)
  2. Rinsing – cold water used in preparation for subsequent wax application
  3. Wax application – rinsing combined with waxing
  4. Rinsing with reverse osmosis water – water devoid of minerals

Additional washing programs:

  1. Active foam
  2. Car wash brush
  3. Car underwash
  4. Cleaning rims and removing flies

Self-serve car wash system
built-in technology

The parts used in the self-service car wash are from the most famous foreign and domestic manufacturers:

  1. High pressure pumps – HAWK (Italija)
  2. Electric motors – KONČAR (Hrvatska)
  3. Dosing pumps (Njemačka)
  4. Electromagnetic valves – DANFOSS (Danska)
  5. Water heaters – ACV (Belgija)
  6. Ion exchange water softener – 3M (Hrvatska)1
  7. Reverse osmosis – 3M (Hrvatska)
  8. Water containers – ELBI (Italija)
  9. Change dispenser – COMESTERO (Italija)
  10. Payment systems – COMESTERO (Italija)

In addition to car wash systems, we also sell and manufacture self-serve dog wash stations and mobile video surveillance system.

If you would like to know more about products or terms, please contact us.

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