Self-serve dog wash stations

With years of experience in car wash system production, our team of engineers and technicians developed a self-serve dog wash station, in line with current trends and consumer needs. The dog wash station is developed with application of state-of-art technical and technological solutions and design, and in accordance with requirements of the user, and the veterinary practices.

This system is intended to help a dog owners provide their dogs with the best possible care, which is both affordable and simple.

This product is designed and manufactured in our own production facility in Daruvar, which means it is entirely MADE IN CROATIA.

Our dog wash station comes with a 3-year warranty.

The advantages of self-serve dog wash stations

The advantages of dog wash systems:

  • no need for making an appointment
  • no need to spend money on various dog shampoos
  • the dog wash station is equipped with built-in dryer and a restraint loop
  • It takes only minutes for dog owners to bathe their pet, fan dry its coat and get it ready for its walk

Dog wash station technical features

The station is made using high quality materials such as INOX AISI 304, it’s equipped with water resistant switches, electronic systems with IP67 rating, and other top quality components.

The wash basin comes with a non-slip mat to prevent slipping and sliding. This helps your pet stand in a safe and comfortable position throughout the whole bathing process.

The most important part of the system is the shower head supplying water stream with temperature set at 38°C, perfect for bathing a dog.

In addition to the shower head, the station is fitted with a dryer, specially designed for use on pets’ hair.

The installation of the self-serve dog wash station requires the following:

  • water connection ½ “( inches),
  • single phase connector 5kW (minimum), 16 A,
  • drain pipes with a 50 mm pipe fitting.

Dog wash station accessories

The dog wash station can be equipped with an LCD monitor, and remote reading device. The TV screen can be used to display the wash station instructions for use or advertising content.

The wash station can be also be delivered in a specially designed container.

Self-serve dog wash station
instructions for use

After inserting the initial amount (payment can be made with coins and paper money), press the button to choose the washing program.

What you pay for is the amount of time, and it is possible to switch to a different program at any time. Different washing programs are available: DISINFECTION, SHAMPOO, FLEA & TICK SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, RINSE, DRY.

The shampoo used in the wash station is an organic product, developed specially for dogs.

The dog wash station is very easy to clean:

  • lift the bottom part of the tub to remove any hair deposits around the drain trap,
  • use the rinse program to remove any unwanted residue left in the tub,
  • place the bottom part of the tub back to its original position,
  • the station is ready to be used again

Video materials describing the use and appearance of our dog wash stations:

Our company also sells and manufactures self-serve car wash systems and telescopic mobile video surveillance.

Kobid d.o.o. is certified as ISO 9001:2015 compliant.



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